Blasius Industries

In 1964 Blasius Industries was founded to offer agricultural equipment such as trailers, carts, and dollies. The products were designed and manufactured in Stanton, California. In 1978 Blasius Electric Truck was added to manufacture high-quality industrial electric vehicles with high-capacity towing capabilities. Blasius Industries quickly developed a reputation for quality products at very reasonable prices.

Customized products were always a part of Blasius Industries as well: from trailers to dollies and wagons, the products designed were built to last. Some of the products are still in use today.


Advanced Display Systems

In 1999, Advanced Display Systems purchased Blasius Industries and grew the business through expanding agricultural products and selling nationally. With the growth of the dolly product line and products to transport growers flats, the company expanded the manufacturing facility by purchasing the adjacent building in Stanton, California. Advanced Display Systems began modifying golf carts as well as designing and manufacturing golf cart accessories such as seats and utility boxes as well.

In Place Technology

In 2019, InPlace Technology purchased Advanced Display Systems and moved the business to a newer and larger manufacturing facility in Garden Grove, California. Keeping the tradition of designing and manufacturing for the agricultural and transportation industries, the company began the long process of improving product designs to make them stronger, more user-friendly, and more efficient to build. In Place Technology introduced several sub-brands in order to better differentiate between product lines, starting with Nursery Haulers and Cart Haulers, and then expanding to Construction Haulers, Tool Haulers, Trail Haulers, and Cold Haulers.

InPlace Technology has contributed innovative processes, technology, and manufacturing philosophies that have improved quality, consistency, and customer service. In response to customer demand, new products and services continue to be added to the quality brands offered by InPlace Technology.