EZGO-TXT-AL-FLAT-72 6 Foot Aluminum Flatbed Conversion

EZGO-TXT-AL-FLAT-72 Aluminum Flatbed conversion for EZ GO TXT Golf Cart

We convert a standard EZ GO TXT golf cart frame into a heavy-duty 6-foot aluminum flatbed. This conversion creates a useful industrial vehicle from a conventional golf cart. Typically these conversions are carried out on used golf carts which is a great way to repurpose an off-lease vehicle. We stretch and reinforce the steel frame, stretch the brake line, reconfigure the seat bench, and construct a new flatbed body that is attached to the newly reconfigured chassis. Optionally, we can extend wiring, install the flatbed wood, install side rails, rear top supports, seat cushions, etc.

Cart Haulers
EZGO-TXT-AL-FLAT-72 6ft aluminum flatbed for EZGO TXT-YELLOWcart-front-ISO_250x250

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