FBTA 54″ x 192″ flat deck agricultural trailer

FBTA TRAILER 54″ X 192″ Solid Deck, Tandem Axle

The FBTA trailer is ideal for agricultural growers transporting trees, pots, containers, flats, balls, and sacks. The versatility of these heavy-duty trailers is outstanding. The solid deck allows easy mobility of cargo movement on the trailer, and the forward and aft drainage mesh allows water, dirt and mud to fall through. The cleverly designed frame will flex over uneven terrain and prevent premature failure of trailer components. With heavy-duty axles equipped with BT8 spindle and hubs, this trailer will go the distance for decades. A multitude of options will customize the trailer to your specific needs: rear step and rail, front rail, side gates, lunette ring/ball/loop connectors, hitch options, mesh deck, etc.

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