Yamaha Golf Cart 3-Seat Ambulance Conversion

YAM-AMB-3SEAT-96X23 Ambulance Conversion for Yamaha Drive and Drive 2 Golf Cart

In Place Technology converts a customer-supplied Yamaha Drive or Drive2 golf cart in a Yamaha aluminum-bed ambulancemade of heavy-duty reinforced diamond plate. The unique design holds a 96″ gurney on a 23″ wide deck space with drop-down side-rails. The cart conversion is equipped with a driver seat, passenger seat, and forward-facing tandem EMT seat on the driver’s side; all with seat belts and armrests. The cart bed has built in storage under the gurney deck, under the passenger seat, and under the EMT seat. There is an additional locking supplies cabinet on the rear of the deck: making a whopping 17 cubic feet of storage available.

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